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Nice Fall Day

So it’s Saturday afternoon.  I got to sleep in today and relax and it felt SO good.  I had a great Friday cleaning and hanging with my roommate.  Then practiced for Sunday morning.  I got to attend an event at Topsail High School last night for Bradley Lutterloah’s Senior Project.  It was awesome to go to a school function and hear God speak.  There were a few people who came to know Christ last night.  I repeat, in a school auditorium.  So awesome it was! Then the night cap was a few video game rounds with some awesome guys.

Today has been a day of relaxing and chillin.  Cleaning a bit here and there.  I plan on hitting up some Worship Studies thanks to Aaron Keyes on his website.  Tonight is guys night at Alex’s and tomorrow is going to be a sweet day.  Surprise at church in the morning!  Then all day with my 10th grade peeps! HOLLA! Then leading at Lord’s Supper then movie night at Elevate!  Going to be a great day!

For now… laundry is the death of me.  Speak at you later!



Up and Coming…

So I am slowly not only creating a new look for the blog, but what is taking so long is the fact that I am learning CSS/HTML/Wordpress lingo to educate myself and offer better stuff for you guys.  I want there to be a few resources for my life and the things going on as well as being a part of things God is doing in my life, my church, and my ministry.  So keep checking back as the design changes and is molded.  Then soon once the Detour site kicks in I will be back to blogging about random things DAILY!  THANKS.


Update Coming

Currently working on updates. To be revealed with launch of new Check back soon!


so this past weekend was a blast!  it was definitely very long and tiresome.  but so many things happened in so short of time that this blog may hit you in the face but is going to be quick.  kind of like DNow was for i think everyone who attended.  the them was Hype and it was awesome to see Chad (speaker) take this and run with it.  every message hit you in the face at one point and made you realize the world vs. God.  definitely hyped up God in some students lives this weekend.  the music.  man the music was awesome.  we brought down two brothers from Westside Buffalo, NY.  Kulu and Julius from Christ Records.  we met them this past summer and only had small talk about hip hop mixed with worship.  man they came down and rocked the place!  they did a few songs on their own but the sweet times were when they got to come out and help with worship!  a few worship songs i mixed up with popular beats of today.  lryics that drive the heart of Christ collab’d with thump from the FM.  it was tight.  it definitely busted down the “awkward” wall that is sometimes up when we associate being accepted or noticed in our worship.  the students opened up on these songs and when the worship tunes came around before the music they weren’t focused on “what does he think of me if I raised my hands or moved a bit”, they were focused on God and singing straight to Him in heaven.  they definitely felt free to express their praise in whatever way they wanted to without even thinking of acceptance or the person beside them.  it was definitely a sight to see!  oh wait.  here are some pics!

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it was an awesome time and make sure you keep posted on in the next few weeks.  should be some recap stuff coming up on there soon!  oh and one more awesome thing happened at DNow 2009.  but i’ll save that for tomorrow.  it’s gotta have a post by itself.  it was a good good night at DNow 2009!  praise be to God for all the things He did this past weekend!  all glory and honor to His name!


so yesterday i was in the office ALL day.  it started with my morning at PCJ in Hampstead with a few peeps.  which is always an awesome way to start off the day.  then down to the office at an unusual 8am.  right into a meeting to beat out the details of the weekend to come.  that meeting lasting until about 11am.  a meeting that long just to has out ALL the crazy things going on this weekend.  DNow is going to be so hype!  then ran around with Ryan Ortego (intern) to pick up things for the weekend and for activity center.  Back to work as we watched an episode of the Office on Hulu while scarfing down our lunch.  Then on to creating Set Lists and organizing the things from the earlier meeting in preparation for everyone involved this weekend.  That was quite a task because of ALL the things that went on.  But timeline is created and we are ready to go!!!  I spent the evening creating some music samples for the weekend and then got to see a glimpse of new backdrop being created for Detour/Crosspoint worship area.

Today brings picking up the things I didn’t get done as well as planning the next two weeks of Detour.  Also a lot of guitar practicing and word memorizing for this weekend!  Make sure everyone comes out this Wednesday as we start our series on “Friends.”  We kick it off with something pretty familiar to that word “friends.”

In other news, Kanye was a jerk Sunday evening.  But last night Leno I think became our generations greatest talk-show host.  Man what a guy.  Think he made Kanye think about his actions.  Maybe finally Kanye will realize his actions affect other people!  My hope is that something good comes out of this in his life.  Also last night while catching up on local news our local weatherman just spit out all the hurricanes from the past 10 years in 10 seconds within “news conversation.”  Lame maybe.  But it impressed me.  Shows me that even though he might now have a clue how to accurately predict weather, he doesn’t just sit around in the studio.  He knows his stuff.  Gained my confidence in him and I’ll watch WRAL for my weather from now on.

Keep God first in your life and know that your decisions now effect you life in the future.  Heard it all the time growing up, and it actually is true.  onelove.


so i have been away for quite some time.  i have had a ton going on and i know i needed to blog.  hopefully with God’s blessings some new ideas will come about.  i guess i have been just putting this blog off with hopes that a “renovation” or a “remodel” will sprout a new blog, etc. but I realized that I do need to update and keep this thing going.  God has really popped a lot of ideas in my head and I have been just waiting before I wrote about them or got them out there.  well i’m no longer waiting.  i am going to write and see what God has in store in His time.  but for now i will start with this blog and hopefully get back up to par.

thank all who read this and i hope that as i write this blog this year that you will get involved with it.  that you will comment on it.  start your own blog!  that it will be a tool to challenge our minds as Christians and talk about Christ in the world.  here’s to the new year.  well new school year.

“but those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. they will soar high on wings like eagles. they will run and not grow weary. they will walk and not faint.”


ok.  so that is an exaggeration.  but not too far of one.  here’s the story.  so i have been eating not so healthy for a while.  and it caught up to me.  the past week i have been having trouble after meals burping and such.  i have esophagus spasms and junk.  well friday i got the opportunity to spend a bit of the day with dear friends catching elizabeth up on Harry Potter.  lunch was of course friend chicken from Smithfields.  didn’t settle too well but wasn’t too bad.  we then head to Outback for dinner and it hits the fan.  i indulge on a bloomin’ onion and minutes later are fighting the “pass out” feeling.  i couldn’t even enjoy my porterhouse i split with Liz.  grrr.  i then had two trips to the restroom in hopes of just ridding my stomach of everything inside.  but this was worse.  this was bad.  i took some pepto tablets and by the time we were at the movies i was “ok”.  i sucked it up because Liz had bought the tickets and went in.  it was an “ok” movie and it was cold inside, so i settled down a bit.  the night was hard to sleep as i struggled with hunger and pain all at once.  i woke feeling horrible.  i will leave some details alone, but i basically spent the day in pain and in the privy.  all in all by the end of the night i was rehydrated and eating.  church the next day was a struggle due to lack of hydration and energy, but i made it through.  i am slowly working my stomach back up and staying hydrated.

but in the end i am looking at what i eat for real from now on.  i did a lot of research during the pain on ulcers and intestinal stuff.  i am pretty sure i got some problems inside and want to fix/avoid them.  so i started the day off with an apple (following the saying apple a day… blah blah yeah)  and watching just what i eat.  i am hoping it will save me money saying no to fast food.  as well as save my life a few years.  come on i’m 23.  really?  this early?  ok.  i will.

i couldnt think of a title for this blog.  it’s cool though.  just working in the office today.  getting ready for tonight.  i promise 4th of july vid will be complete tomorrow.  i am working on a bunch of personal music and blog stuff this weekend.  actually have it pretty free.

also i have an idea that i hope will become something in the future.  we shall see.

about to go to a conference call with buffalo.  trying to get set up for the mission trip.  got a lot of things on the plate for that but it’s going to be awesome.  hard to believe july is almost gone.  but august, oh august brings some sweet things.

have you even thought about how you can share Christ today?  like not just do something nice, but actually talk.  it starts with thinking.  end it by doing.


well tonight is week 2 off detour 500.  i am so tired from late night conversations last night with an awesome guy here at detour.  BUT i am sure to get my kick sometime this afternoon.  some vids and pics soon to come of last week.  i will get them up by the weekend i promise.  for now go to and search detour 500 and watch the commercial.  it’s awesome.


guys bible study.  this summer starting in July.  every  thursday night.  5 o’clock we start playing ultimate frisbee.  if you don’t know how it doesn’t matter, come out and learn.  the topic: sex. purity. lust. porn. we’re doing a study from  a book called “every young man’s battle”  it doesn’t really  make sense because this subject isn’t just something  young  men struggle with, all men do.  but especially those  going through the things you guys are right now.  so come  out and let’s talk about sex.  what God’s word says about it.  how we deal with  temptation.  or porn.  or lust.  or just girls.  let’s just talk.  maybe it’ll  show you that you’re not alone.  maybe you need help and are afraid to talk about it.  well this is all guys.  no gals.   “Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.” Proverbs 27:17

come one out.  comment me if interested.  spread the word.  buy that book.

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