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It’s Been A While.

I bet if you searched, this is the most used Blog Title of all time.  There is just something about our culture in starting things and forgetting about them!

Well I’m guilty of this again.  I started a blog and rocked it for a bit.  But then life gets busy, yada yada yada.  Well, I’m hoping to get back in it and here’s why.  Liz and myself have gone through some awesome things since the last time I blogged.  Recently, we are striving to do less TV and more studying, writing, creating.  This I’m hoping will be an outlet, as well as a showcase of what God is doing in this season of our life.

Quick recap:  Africa was awesome even though it was a year ago!  Christmas was fun and 2013 so far brings some awesome times!  Summer was fun, busy, and not that hot this year!  School starts around the corner for New Hanover and Pender, but hasn’t stopped with me.  Start yet another course tomorrow!  DNow is in a month. Detour is kicking back up. There is a lot of busy things happening around the office in preparation for a new school calendar year.

Now, to find a way out of P90X that Liz is rocking out to right now.  Umm… I gotta read?  Laters.


Dream On Dreamer.

I love dreams.  I love dreaming.  Not just in the unconscious, but the conscious.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to sleep.  I love a good dream that takes one to a world of unknown or even so real you believe it when you wake.  But what’s the difference in a dream of the unconscious and of the conscious (separate from the fact that you’re awake, duh).  Don’t you want you dreams of life to take you to a world of unknown?  Yet at the same time they are controlled and so real that they are reachable.  You can’t dream for invincibility or flying powers and expect to have them.  But you can dream for the unknown, yet desirable.  You can work towards something that you feel you should be a part of or do.

These thoughts were spurred on by watching a news cast of James Cameron’s recent adventure to the depths of the sea.  Here a guy has spent his life making films and movies, but he still lives out his dreams.  He loves exploring and diving to a place mankind knows or has seen little about, and filming it.  He has left his mark on this earth by making some of the greatest movies of all time.  Yet he wants to further on and spearhead things he wishes he would be a part of.  He’s not just content with living off his earnings and being the James Cameron everyone knows him as for the rest of his life.  He wants more.

I’m in the process of dreaming and living out dreams a lot.  I love it!  I love the process of vision casting and putting forth effort towards something, not knowing the exact end result, but trusting God that whatever he has laid on my heart, in the end is going to be awesome!!  What captured me the most though about this news report was something the reporter said, almost in passing, about the venture.  7 years.  This moment of victory as Cameron hit the ocean floor was a climax to 7 years of planning and dreaming.  Actually the dream probably was a few years before that!  But 7 years of planning and precision led to a moment Cameron has wanted for a long time.

So for those out there who dream, dream big.  Put it into ACTION!  Dream bigger than big and work for it.  Cameron knew that he would be on the ocean floor one day, and he worked for it.  I’m not sure all the odds up against him, but I’m sure he had to work through some of them.  But it was all worth it in the end.

I Hate The Devil

You know sometimes in life you just got mess you’re dealing with, and you know the only thing you can blame at that moment is Satan?!  I’m sorry for a minute, and coming off a little sabbatical, but let’s get real!  I’m talking internally I’ve been getting anxious and having dumb thoughts recently about life and the lack thereof.  Not that I’m afraid of losing my life, but it is not an absolute desire of mine at this point in my life.  But then I just hear a voice being so blunt and evil, that I know it is the devil trying to play tricks and be stupid.

I don’t have time for tricks!  I’m trying to live my life and do crazy awesome things, for His Kingdom come!  So get out of there, stop it, in Jesus’ name.

Anyone else struggle with just blunt happenings of darkness lately?  What are you going through, because I want to lift you up and be there for you.  I know what it is like.  Man.  (comment below)

Much love.

DNow!? What?

yeah. so this past weekend the Detour band got the opportunity to go play at a DNow right north of Charlotte, NC.  the church was FBC-Huntersville and they rocked it out.  i actually went there 9th-12th grade and helped start and build the worship team there.  if it wasn’t for the leadership there, the friendships created, and the awesome things God did in my life at that church, i definitely wouldn’t be the person, man, fiance, and worship-leader i am today.

the theme was racing and they rocked it hard.  the place was decked out!  if you didn’t know Huntersville, Charlotte, Concord, and some other small surrounding cities are slowly becoming more and more and  more NASCAR affiliated.  there has always been a presence there (i went to high school with a few sons of drivers), but now with the HQ and Hall of Fame, the NASCAR effect is rocking the area.  it was a fun time to get out on the road, have some “band” time and lead other students in high-energy, high-praise, and worship.  if you don’t follow me around on Twitter or Facebook, it’s good to in these times.  there were a few amazing pictures that captured a side of the band you might not see at Detour on Wednesday nights.  

overall it was an awesome trip, but it’s great to be home.  the weather is awesome today despite the wind.  definitely looking forward to getting in some ENO time later tonight.

the band is headed back out on the road again this Friday night.  make sure to stay tuned on Facebook/Twitter to see what’s going on!  much love.

what’s happening.

so yesterday was awesome outside.  it seems on days like that after this crazy winter the blood flows a little faster and one gets more done.  i definitely got a ton.  if only my office was planted outside or had the ability to levitate to the top of the roof with glass walls.  that way i could enjoy the awesome weather.

the Detour Band is getting the opportunity to play at a few events this coming month, so yesterday was devoted to preparing for that short “tour”.  then in the afternoon/evening i continue my pursuit to help find Elizabeth and myself a house.

i am getting married in May and we are beginning to get gifts and our first shower is this weekend!  Preparations are full swing not only around the wedding but just getting ready to live together.  it is definitely exciting, but time consuming and busy!  but we are blessed by all who are helping us as we prepare for this event.

if you are looking for a good new CD to listen to check out Gungor’s new one “Beautiful Things”.  it is awesome.  

Christmas Break

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hey all!  I’m back from a much needed and much used vacation!  it was an awesome break from the craziness that was December.  although December was awesome here at Scott’s Hill.  i got the opportunity to lead one Sunday morning which was awesome.  the Advent Conspiracy series and videos rocked! the Yuletime Jam was awesome as well as the 2nd annual video and track production.  all in all despite its busyness business, December was awesome.

i got to the end the month at home with my wonderful fiance Elizabeth.  she rocks my world and it was awesome to spend car rides of conversation to Charlotte as well as day in and out with her and my family.  can’t wait to do that on a regular basis!  all-in-all i got a bunch of moolah for Christmas.  have to pay for that honeymoon!  it was great to see all my family and just the spirit of the season was so transformed into recognizing Christ in our lives.  it was awesome as we came together and just hung out!  makes me miss home a bit.

while in Charlotte i picked up some kind of virus and it still is reeking havoc on me.  i am pulling through but it stinks.  not to mention its freezing cold here at the beach.  what good is living at the beach when it’s so cold?  if it is going to be this cold i better see 5 inches of snow on the ground!  but anyways.  getting ready for House Party next week.  going to be awesome!  until next time.  hopefully will keep up with this now that i’m back in the swing of things.

need Christmas gift?

so you looking for your next great CD?  maybe for yourself or for your special someone?  even a gift you cane easily give your grandparents!  definitely don’t hesitate in buying “To Be Loved” by Thad Cockrell.  just go to iTunes and look it up or here to have option of the CD or even vinyl.

due to my luck with working under the wisdom and leadership of Thad’s brother, i have had a few awesome opportunities to lead alongside as well as play for Thad.  as you probably could go read every review and rarely find a negative one, i can just say the same.  knowing Thad and hanging with him and playing with him, this CD is him.  it is him through and through.  his big, huge heart is in every note.  his faith is evident in the music.  his passion is sung loudly.  his vocals are true.  his voice cuts live through a room like a hot knife through butter, and it is no different on this CD.  a great produced album. a CD that is awesome for a rainy afternoon.  a CD suitable for a nice afternoon drive or a lifting of spirits.  a CD of heartbreak and hope.  an awesome buy and a great Christmas gift i hope it makes for many!  get it now!


so tonight we had a leader party for Detour at the Simpson’s barn.  first off the Simpsons are my family away from home.  love those guys with everything i’ve got and they look after me like a son.  secondly, their place is the bomb.  i’ve been lucky to have our Elevate Christmas party there last week, and then follow it up with this one.  we had around 60 leaders  and that wasn’t all of them, but most of them.  the theme was country and it was awesome.  the food was great.  with that many people we pretty much just ate and played the longest, most intense White Elephant game of the year.  it was awesome.  i am so blessed to be a part of a church ministry that has so many volunteers in the body wanting to work with YOUTH.  rare in many places!  without them the success of our ministry would not exist and the we as a staff certainly know that we couldn’t bare the weight of handling 400 students on all 4 of us!  that’s 100 students a staff person!  that would be ridiculous!  they are a super supportive and fun bunch of people who have been there for our students over a crazy past few months!  God is continuing to bless us and their encouragement for the students and their help in their faith walk is amazing.  so blessed to spend an awesome night having fun and chilling with them!

on a book note.  still reading and actually took a break but will be soon hitting the nightstand light as i read myself to sleep.  need to catch up on three chapters so that is my goal for these next 30 minutes.  until next time. check out!


So I got an early Christmas present from some awesome future in-law siblings, a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  I have purchased some great reads in recent weeks and still trying to churn through them.  But as I roamed the aisle for something new and fresh my mind was trying to figure out what kind of book I wanted.  I have gotten some great thinkers (Becoming A Person of Influence by Maxwell), some awesome spiritual challengers (Forgotten God by Chan), some Holiday specials (Case for Christmas), but haven’t gotten just a relaxing “easy” read.  I recently read and viewed a few reviews on Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”.  I got a great premise about the book but loved that in the reviews nothing too much was given away.  I saw it on the shelf and got it.  I have pushed myself to read a chapter a day, which I found out is rather relaxing and pretty easy, not too stressful.  The chapters are fairly short and I have absolutely no expectations or idea what I will get out of this book.  The opening chapter is as far as I have gotten, and it is great!  It sets up the premise of the book.  It talks about memories and how hard it is sometimes to remember “life” and the story we live out here on earth.  It definitely has sparked a thought to really kick into blogging not just for people to read, but to record things that happen in my life so I can go back and remember.  So I can see what things I go through or the things God puts me through, both “up” and “down”.  I hope this book sparks some creativity in me and really looking forward to reading more.

Now I definitely don’t replace this read with reading God’s Word and Truth.  So remember, reading is good, but the yearning for His word and His guidance through that is the most important thing.  So the time I spend reading other authors I try to read just as much or double that time in God’s Word.  His Word constantly intrigues me and keeps me coming back daily for it.  I am thankful it is something I definitely thirst for more and when I forget to read or just don’t I definitely feel it.  Read and memorize His Truth!

Meet Melvin.

“But when the Son of Man comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit upon his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered in his presence, and he will separate the people as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. He will place the sheep at his right hand and the goats at his left. “Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the Kingdom prepared for you from the creation of the world. For I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me a drink. I was a stranger, and you invited me into your home.” Matthew 25:31-35 (NLT)

So this past weekend we celebrated Thanksgiving, and then the following day amongst the United States “shopping world” is called Black Friday.  Most likely called that due to the fact that all the stores open with these amazing deals when it is still dark (black) outside.  Did I wake up at 3 a.m. and go shopping? No. But I did end up at the mall that day to watch a movie and explore the stores in hopes of finding some awesome deals.  I wanted new shoes, I wanted new jeans, I wanted the iPod compatible Nike+ chip that would magically get me back into physical condition.  Ha!  But every time I picked up something and sometimes stood in line to purchase it, I talked myself out of it.  It really tugged in my heart more and more that I don’t need those things.  I have jeans and shoes.  I can go running with just discipline instead of having a fancy gadget that just sits in my shoe.  I am very fortunate to have what I do have and God helped me realize that over and over again on this past Black Friday.

My family lives in Charlotte, N.C. and so that is where I spent my holiday weekend.  It was a great time of relaxation and family-times, but a long drive home.  I left a little later than planned but got plenty of sleep, got to see our Christmas tree put up, hugs all-around, and then hit the road.  For the next 4 hours I planned on just cruising and listening to worship music.  Praising God and having awesome car conversations with Him about things in my life now. Praying for those I care about and things I know people need prayer for.  It was an awesome ride as I just shuffled through 1,000 Hillsong songs I have on the iPod.  But about 20 miles west of Whiteville the speed limit goes back down to 35mph for about the 5th time, sometimes annoying going from 70mph to 35mph over and over.  But as I was driving I flew past a dark silhouette at the corner of this four-way intersection.  He was walking backwards just putting his bags on as if he had just been dropped off.  As he got smaller and smaller in my rear-view mirror, I gazed at my empty passenger seat.  I always travel with an empty passenger seat just for this reason.  But it hasn’t happened in a very long time.

I begin to pray, reasoning back and forth with God.  Feeling the tug on my heart but also throwing thoughts away, but the whole time looking for a turn-around.   I drive 5 miles, still nothing.  Continuing to pray for this man and arguing with God I reach another 5 miles, still nothing.  About that time I am content that it wasn’t meant to be for me to pick him up and settle back down in my seat (and in my head), but not in my heart.  It must of been around 12 miles and I came to another stoplight with a four-way intersection.  I popped right back up and turn on my blinker.  I threw away any hesitation this time and sped up to pick him up before someone else did.  Now I’m not saying it is safe to just go pick up any person off the street and take them somewhere.  I definitely approached with caution and engaged him with still room to bail if he seemed threatening or intoxicated.  I luckily grew up in downtown Charlotte and watched my dad (a music pastor also) encounter many homeless men both safe and not so safe.  I paid great attention to his wisdom in approaching the homeless.  After it was obvious this somewhat clean-cut African American man just needed a ride and was actually just heading less than 20 miles down the road, I got out to help him with his bags.  Here I meet Melvin.

He had two bags, both rather heavy, stuffed to the brim as he pulled out a map to show where he needed to go and where I could drop him off.  He gets situated and we start heading down 74 east towards Whiteville. We begin to chat, but the conversation slows pretty quickly as his words became more softer and blurred.  I’m still acting like I was intently listening even though I could barely make out what he was saying.  He did mention in the beginning he hadn’t slept for two days, spent Thanksgiving night alone outside and didn’t sleep, and had the same loss of fortune the following night.  Within the first five minutes of the ride he was out like a light.

I was instantly overtaken and began to wonder how tired was this man?  He could barely stay awake 5 minutes?  As my thoughts continued I began to wonder what he had been through?  Where did he come from?  How far must he have walked?  What is it like to not sleep for two straight nights, and better yet spend them alone on the streets?  By that time I had prayed continually for him and looked up as we came to the Whiteville exit.  He awakened as I slowed down but continued to fall in and out of sleep as I decided to just drive around so he could do so.  Finally I just asked him if he knew where he wanted to go, and he didn’t.  He was just seeking a church for help or a place to sleep.  So we continued to drive around and talk a bit.

Then it hit me, yet another tug on my heart, this time with no hesitation.  Matthew 25.  The verse about “hunger and you fed me, tired and you took me in”.  I told him we’d turn around and I’d put him up in the Best Western we passed.  Minutes later we had a room and he wanted to go to the grocery store.  Perfect.  So I took him and though it was a very funny sight, we walked around Food Lion and found all his favorites.  Definitely interesting and eye-opening seeing how simply and cheap he shopped.  Yet he was content and wanted nothing greater, despite my suggestions for “better food” he was happy with a Cup-O-Noodle and hot dogs.  With a few other things in the cart we checked out and headed back to the hotel.  I had to find out if I would see him again one day.

I drove a little slower back to the hotel as I opened the conversation about the exact verse from Matthew 25.  He began to thank me and I explained to Him that I believed in Jesus Christ and if He was in my place He would be doing the same thing.  That I lived my life to do things and love people the way He did.  He wasn’t in shock, but understood and continued to thank me.  I then asked him if he believed in Jesus and without hesitation he said “yes” and began to tell me that he believe in Christ and God.  That He died for him and loves Him very much.  My heart exploded!  I was secretly happy and content in knowing that this wouldn’t be the last time I would see Melvin.  Within minutes we were back at the hotel, dropped off his food and after an awkward hug (I don’t think he gets them much) I was on my way.

So I know this is a long story and it sure isn’t meant for me to be up on a pedestal to say “look what I did”.   But I have personally been praying for opportunities to serve God’s people in need.  I have made it a focus to be ready for anything and to serve as He leads me.  But see the obedience began with the tug on my heart not to buy those shoes or jeans.  I didn’t understand why, just knew I didn’t need to.  I don’t have much money and saving for a honeymoon and soon-to-be marriage are top priority.  Honestly if I had bought them, I wouldn’t of been able to afford that hotel room or food for Melvin.  Then there was also that tug on my heart to just pick him up.  Then the reminder of scripture, paying for hotel and food.  Did I do all those things without hesitation completely?  Without battling thoughts telling me not to pick him up, or just drop him off and keep on home?  YES!  But as those thoughts came through I fought them, as Gods truth rang in my ears.  ”I was hungry and you fed me.  I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink.  I was a stranger and you invited me into your home.”  I just simply obeyed Him.  He instructs us to have compassion on those in need and He often tugs our hearts towards moments to do so.  Today I was lucky and fortunate to be close enough to Him to obey.

Are you praying for opportunities to serve Christ?  Are you praying for an openness to obey Him as He tugs your heart?  Whose life will you impact today as a result of direct obedience to His word?  Will you fight the opposition as He tugs your heart to a world in need?

Did I end up feeling good about this experience?  Yes and no.  Initially no.  I became more heart-broken for the homeless and people who have to live like that.  I began to actually cry.  In a time of thanksgiving was I truly thankful for the things I am fortunate to have?  But as time drew on I began to be happy for thoughts of Melvin sleeping in that bed.  For what happiness he may have in his dreams under a blanket, or watching TV for the first time in a while.  To know that one day we shall see each other again.  Be bold.  Take action.  Live for Him.


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