It’s Been A While.

I bet if you searched, this is the most used Blog Title of all time.  There is just something about our culture in starting things and forgetting about them!

Well I’m guilty of this again.  I started a blog and rocked it for a bit.  But then life gets busy, yada yada yada.  Well, I’m hoping to get back in it and here’s why.  Liz and myself have gone through some awesome things since the last time I blogged.  Recently, we are striving to do less TV and more studying, writing, creating.  This I’m hoping will be an outlet, as well as a showcase of what God is doing in this season of our life.

Quick recap:  Africa was awesome even though it was a year ago!  Christmas was fun and 2013 so far brings some awesome times!  Summer was fun, busy, and not that hot this year!  School starts around the corner for New Hanover and Pender, but hasn’t stopped with me.  Start yet another course tomorrow!  DNow is in a month. Detour is kicking back up. There is a lot of busy things happening around the office in preparation for a new school calendar year.

Now, to find a way out of P90X that Liz is rocking out to right now.  Umm… I gotta read?  Laters.


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