I Give Up.

This is a follow up post to my previous story of where we are in learning what it means to live “radically.”  There has been this challenge from my great leader, co-worker, and friend Jonathan Cockrell (also the Youth Pastor here) to give something up for a year and see how it changes your life.  He gave up buying new clothes for a year and his view on the whole food industry and necessities in life have definitely changed.  I wanted to experience that understanding as well, but when the challenge was placed before us during our Re[ACT] month of November 2011, I choked and got selfish and never took action.  I did think about it though and obviously felt a tug to do something, but never did.

Well that tug got greater and greater, and as we are reading this book, and preparing for Africa, I have decided to act now.  First off it’s never too late.  Sometimes we get challenged with something by someone and think that if we don’t do it right then and there, then why ever start?!  But just because you miss the 10am train doesn’t mean a 2 o’clock ain’t coming for you!  So I jumped on the 2 o’clock tracks and have decided to give up eating out for a whole year.

Now there are a few things here that might keep from doing it but I am going to try my hardest.  If there are special occasions (specifically ones that are mandated by my wife) then I have to honor her and take her to dinner.  If there is a particular celebration of someone close and important and the only option is to eat out, I will do so as to not disrespect them.  BUT for the most part, unless someone orders for me, if I go out socially, I will choose not to eat.

I hope this shows me if only a glimpse into the fact that there are many others out there who have to daily prepare their food to survive.  This can get lost in our society where we can walk into an almost endless supply of food in a supermarket and the only thing holding us back from buying everything in the store is our wallet.  I hope this helps with my often laziness in preparing food.  I hope to learn responsibility as well as grow in nutrition knowledge.  Some side effects I hope that I gain as positives will be healthier food intake, an expansion of my sorry childish food palette, as well as a growth in culinary skills!

Is there something that you feel you could give up for better understanding of who the rest of the world feels?  Act now.  If not now, I’m sure there is a later train to jump on board.  BUT why wait, the 2 o’clock isn’t fully out of the station, jump on!


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