I Am Going To Africa!

I’m excited to announce I get to be a part of a team from my church that is going to Accra, Ghana this August!  What is even more exciting is that the majority of the team going is under 21!

My church community has been sending teams to Ghana for a few years now and developing relationships with the local Bissa people.  They have been paving the groundwork for our trip this summer.  We have had two members from our Youth Staff that have had the privilege to go out there and see what the need is in regards to reaching the youth.  From their experience we know that there are a lot of children to young adults.  There are also a great amount of them that have converted from Islam and are wanting/needing training on how to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

So that leads us to the purpose of our trip.  Although we are still figuring out the finite details, we know we will be very busy in our week there.  There are opportunities just to one on one evangelize; we will also be holding an event or two on the large scale; and throughout the day also training others to be able to lead and share Christ after we are gone.

I ask that you just pray for the group as we prepare.  We know that God is at work (there is a team heading to Accra right now) and is continuing to work in Ghana.  We know we have a part to play in that, so just pray as God reveals that to us and we obey His calling.

Here is an old video of our of our Youth Staff, Emily, and a part of her story from her visit: 


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