I Hate The Devil

You know sometimes in life you just got mess you’re dealing with, and you know the only thing you can blame at that moment is Satan?!  I’m sorry for a minute, and coming off a little sabbatical, but let’s get real!  I’m talking internally I’ve been getting anxious and having dumb thoughts recently about life and the lack thereof.  Not that I’m afraid of losing my life, but it is not an absolute desire of mine at this point in my life.  But then I just hear a voice being so blunt and evil, that I know it is the devil trying to play tricks and be stupid.

I don’t have time for tricks!  I’m trying to live my life and do crazy awesome things, for His Kingdom come!  So get out of there, stop it, in Jesus’ name.

Anyone else struggle with just blunt happenings of darkness lately?  What are you going through, because I want to lift you up and be there for you.  I know what it is like.  Man.  (comment below)

Much love.


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