DNow!? What?

yeah. so this past weekend the Detour band got the opportunity to go play at a DNow right north of Charlotte, NC.  the church was FBC-Huntersville and they rocked it out.  i actually went there 9th-12th grade and helped start and build the worship team there.  if it wasn’t for the leadership there, the friendships created, and the awesome things God did in my life at that church, i definitely wouldn’t be the person, man, fiance, and worship-leader i am today.

the theme was racing and they rocked it hard.  the place was decked out!  if you didn’t know Huntersville, Charlotte, Concord, and some other small surrounding cities are slowly becoming more and more and  more NASCAR affiliated.  there has always been a presence there (i went to high school with a few sons of drivers), but now with the HQ and Hall of Fame, the NASCAR effect is rocking the area.  it was a fun time to get out on the road, have some “band” time and lead other students in high-energy, high-praise, and worship.  if you don’t follow me around on Twitter or Facebook, it’s good to in these times.  there were a few amazing pictures that captured a side of the band you might not see at Detour on Wednesday nights.  

overall it was an awesome trip, but it’s great to be home.  the weather is awesome today despite the wind.  definitely looking forward to getting in some ENO time later tonight.

the band is headed back out on the road again this Friday night.  make sure to stay tuned on Facebook/Twitter to see what’s going on!  much love.


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