what’s happening.

so yesterday was awesome outside.  it seems on days like that after this crazy winter the blood flows a little faster and one gets more done.  i definitely got a ton.  if only my office was planted outside or had the ability to levitate to the top of the roof with glass walls.  that way i could enjoy the awesome weather.

the Detour Band is getting the opportunity to play at a few events this coming month, so yesterday was devoted to preparing for that short “tour”.  then in the afternoon/evening i continue my pursuit to help find Elizabeth and myself a house.

i am getting married in May and we are beginning to get gifts and our first shower is this weekend!  Preparations are full swing not only around the wedding but just getting ready to live together.  it is definitely exciting, but time consuming and busy!  but we are blessed by all who are helping us as we prepare for this event.

if you are looking for a good new CD to listen to check out Gungor’s new one “Beautiful Things”.  it is awesome.  


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