Christmas Break

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hey all!  I’m back from a much needed and much used vacation!  it was an awesome break from the craziness that was December.  although December was awesome here at Scott’s Hill.  i got the opportunity to lead one Sunday morning which was awesome.  the Advent Conspiracy series and videos rocked! the Yuletime Jam was awesome as well as the 2nd annual video and track production.  all in all despite its busyness business, December was awesome.

i got to the end the month at home with my wonderful fiance Elizabeth.  she rocks my world and it was awesome to spend car rides of conversation to Charlotte as well as day in and out with her and my family.  can’t wait to do that on a regular basis!  all-in-all i got a bunch of moolah for Christmas.  have to pay for that honeymoon!  it was great to see all my family and just the spirit of the season was so transformed into recognizing Christ in our lives.  it was awesome as we came together and just hung out!  makes me miss home a bit.

while in Charlotte i picked up some kind of virus and it still is reeking havoc on me.  i am pulling through but it stinks.  not to mention its freezing cold here at the beach.  what good is living at the beach when it’s so cold?  if it is going to be this cold i better see 5 inches of snow on the ground!  but anyways.  getting ready for House Party next week.  going to be awesome!  until next time.  hopefully will keep up with this now that i’m back in the swing of things.


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