need Christmas gift?

so you looking for your next great CD?  maybe for yourself or for your special someone?  even a gift you cane easily give your grandparents!  definitely don’t hesitate in buying “To Be Loved” by Thad Cockrell.  just go to iTunes and look it up or here to have option of the CD or even vinyl.

due to my luck with working under the wisdom and leadership of Thad’s brother, i have had a few awesome opportunities to lead alongside as well as play for Thad.  as you probably could go read every review and rarely find a negative one, i can just say the same.  knowing Thad and hanging with him and playing with him, this CD is him.  it is him through and through.  his big, huge heart is in every note.  his faith is evident in the music.  his passion is sung loudly.  his vocals are true.  his voice cuts live through a room like a hot knife through butter, and it is no different on this CD.  a great produced album. a CD that is awesome for a rainy afternoon.  a CD suitable for a nice afternoon drive or a lifting of spirits.  a CD of heartbreak and hope.  an awesome buy and a great Christmas gift i hope it makes for many!  get it now!


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