So I got an early Christmas present from some awesome future in-law siblings, a gift certificate to Barnes and Noble.  I have purchased some great reads in recent weeks and still trying to churn through them.  But as I roamed the aisle for something new and fresh my mind was trying to figure out what kind of book I wanted.  I have gotten some great thinkers (Becoming A Person of Influence by Maxwell), some awesome spiritual challengers (Forgotten God by Chan), some Holiday specials (Case for Christmas), but haven’t gotten just a relaxing “easy” read.  I recently read and viewed a few reviews on Donald Miller’s new book “A Million Miles In A Thousand Years”.  I got a great premise about the book but loved that in the reviews nothing too much was given away.  I saw it on the shelf and got it.  I have pushed myself to read a chapter a day, which I found out is rather relaxing and pretty easy, not too stressful.  The chapters are fairly short and I have absolutely no expectations or idea what I will get out of this book.  The opening chapter is as far as I have gotten, and it is great!  It sets up the premise of the book.  It talks about memories and how hard it is sometimes to remember “life” and the story we live out here on earth.  It definitely has sparked a thought to really kick into blogging not just for people to read, but to record things that happen in my life so I can go back and remember.  So I can see what things I go through or the things God puts me through, both “up” and “down”.  I hope this book sparks some creativity in me and really looking forward to reading more.

Now I definitely don’t replace this read with reading God’s Word and Truth.  So remember, reading is good, but the yearning for His word and His guidance through that is the most important thing.  So the time I spend reading other authors I try to read just as much or double that time in God’s Word.  His Word constantly intrigues me and keeps me coming back daily for it.  I am thankful it is something I definitely thirst for more and when I forget to read or just don’t I definitely feel it.  Read and memorize His Truth!


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